Born out of a desire to keep crime out of our neighbourhood, four passionate and concerned residents got together to discuss how to ensure a safe, crime free environment could be maintained in our community.  A few months later the CGH Neighbourhood Watch (CGHNW) was formed with hundreds of members who shared the same passion and drive to reduce the crime rate in our area.  By creating a caring community and by promoting effective communication and increasing our vigilance within the community, we can track, monitor and report any suspicious or criminal activity to the necessary authorities,  to assist the police in reducing crime.

Together with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Community Police Forum (CPF), increasing crime prevention awareness in our neighbourhoods has helped us reduce the opportunity for crime to escalate and to ensure a quicker response,  so that these activities do not go by entirely unnoticed.

Our three neighbourhoods border on the forest and green belt areas and as such keeping a good line of communication with emergency services means swift, effective reaction not only to crime but to other emergencies such as fire,  forestry and search and rescue.

What we do?

First and foremost, we are NOT the police or a security company.  We act as the EYES and EARS for the police.  By being a good neighbour, you can help make our community more secure just by looking out for your neighbours; keeping an eye on their homes when they are out; watching out for those who are elderly or vulnerable; or sharing crime prevention advice to help keep you and your home secure.  We don’t expect you to put yourself in harm’s way. Think about your own safety when helping others.  If you see something unusual, take a drive or walk around the block to make sure that all is okay. 

If necessary,  report it to the community Telegram  groups to alert others or to the police if it is serious.  Be as descriptive as possible when reporting unusual or suspicious behaviour.  Many of our members are willing  to drive around, observe and record suspicious behavior in real time if needed.  Speak to your neighbours and get them on board as well. The more members we have the more eyes we have watching our neighbourhoods the less opportunities criminals will have to do their deeds.

Remember T.A.D.D when reporting an incident.

  • Time  What time did it occur?
  • Address  What area or street?
  • Direction  What direction was the subject or car moving in?
  • Description  Male/female, clothing, age, race or any other noticeable features.

For a neighbourhood watch to really be a success you need the members of the community to come together and join it, support it and be an active part of it.  There are lots of ways you can help make your neighbourhood a safer place,  whatever your skills,  availability or experience,  just get involved .

NB!  We are always seeking skilled members of our community to come and join the Committee or volunteer their services when needed.  If you believe that your skill-set could be of value to the group, then please contact us.