Vagrants and Bin Day

Refuse Day

Since the start of December 2017 the neighbourhood watch has been out minimising crime opportunities that come with refuse day and bag scratchers.  We intend to stop bag scratching altogether in our area as once refuse bags are placed outside on collection day they are now property of the municipality.  It would help us if your bags are not put out before 7:00 am on removal day. We also ask that you don’t place them out the night before  either as this only encourages bag scratchers  to come into our area and wonder about.

Any opportunity

Criminals use refuse day to disguise themselves as vagrants, for the purpose of surveillance and committing crime, this is fact and not fiction. I have witnessed a female bag scratcher in Heatherlands standing behind a bush looking over the wall and as soon as I approached them they began looking in the bags. Many criminals (26’s,27’s,28’s gang members) infiltrate vagrant groups who scavenge in the bags on bin days as a means to gain intel on vulnerable properties in the area. You may think vagrants are generally harmless people lingering in front of your house, and some are, but many provide information to house breaking syndicates for booze or cash rewards.  While some may seem harmless to you they can be aggressive and rude towards others, patrollers have seen this first hand with one of our shortest and well known vagrants who would often shout abuse and threaten female residents if they never gave him anything but then polite to male residents.

Support our bin day patrol

We need members of our community to come forward and help by being  our eyes and ears for 1 hour on a Monday and Wednesday. You don’t have to confront anyone there are other members willing to do that. Please contact us if you have the time to support us.

Feeding vagrants who beg

Please do not give handouts, you may be thinking you doing the right thing, but this encourages dependency and a further influx of vagrants to our neighbourhood.  Rather give responsibly by donating to the various organisations where they are properly fed and housed. Or encourage them to go the square behind Nedbank on York st were they are fed every day except Saturdays at 10:30 am.