Telegram Groups

Important Notice

Due to the 256 member limit on the whatsapp platform we have moved the CGH NW General Group  and Crime & Disaster Group  to the Telegram app which has a 5000 member limit and is very similar to whatsapp.

Please download the Telegram app to your phone,follow the in app registration instructions and then we can add you to our chat groups if you have filled in the JOIN US form. That way we can continue communicating effectively with all 3 Neighbourhoods.
Telegram 266 x 254

Available on the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android)

Currently we have 3 groups and as we grow as a neighbourhood watch so will  the messages we receive. So, it is important that we all follow the rules in place to minimise the number of unnecessary messages coming through.  We are aware that not everyone has a smartphone or can use the Telegram app or social media to communicate. If you are, or know one of these people, please contact us so we can arrange an alternative solution. If you are not on the message app groups yet then join us by registering with the CGHNW  and we can add you.

  1. CGH NW GENERAL GROUP – Members of this group may report/post about crime, missing persons, lost pets or any information that benefits the CGHNW community.  General chatting is permitted as long as it remains relevant to the purpose of the group.
  2. CRIME & DISASTER SPOTTERS Members should only report/post about crime, crime in progress or any suspicious activity or vehicles in our area that others need to be aware of. No general chatting is permitted and no need to thank or respond when incidents are resolved.
  3. REACT GROUP – Request to join this group ONLY if you are prepared to go to an incident and observe, record or report what is happening in real time. This group reacts 24/7 to incidents when called, so No chatting is permitted unless when reacting to an incident.

NB – If you no longer want to be on a group you can exit the group yourself, admin don’t need to do it for you. You can also silence the messages you receive, this is all done through the whatsapp settings or your own phone settings. No advertising is permitted on any group. Contact us if you wish to advertise your business on our website.


Social Media Rules

Always remember you are responsible for your actions and comments and once its posted you can’t take it back. So, let’s not have any of those Penny Sparrow incidents please!

  • Respect other members
  • No racism, defamatory or political statements
  • No personal attacks or bad language
  • No naming and shaming
  • Post only appropriate content
  • Know when to end a conversation

Admins have the final say and will remove you from the group if you continue to disregard the rules in place. If you have a problem with a member try and resolve it with them first privately, failing this contact one of the  administrators or a committee member and we will try and assist you.

Please be aware there are many ” False alert hoaxes or bogus warnings” that have been doing the rounds on social media platforms recently. All we ask is that you check to make sure it is legitimate before you forward it on to everyone. (Google it before you send it)