Report An Incident

Experiencing crime can be a traumatic, emotional, and stressful time. If it is a serious matter report it to the police and please open a case, we cannot do it for you.

Please use the form below and fill out as much detail as you are comfortable with sharing.  Accurate information can help us hold law enforcement accountable for their actions as a community.  By filling in this form it allows us as a neighbourhood watch to gather intelligence and create a comprehensive database so we can analyse and track trends that will allow us to adapt, react and plan our patrolling or camera locations so we all benefit as a community by working together to keep it safer.

Some incidents never get reported but may help others in the future prevent a crime from happening to them like people loitering, trespassing, suspicious cars, dogs barking, or unsettled at strange times. Please report these or any other suspicious activity no matter how small it may be.

Important information

  • Modus operandi? (How did they enter or method)
  • Was the house occupied during the incident? (assists us to know how houses are targeted)
  • Anyone injured? (Including pets)
  • Was the house alarmed? (assists us to know how houses are targeted)
  • Saps and Armed response times (assists us to hold them accountable to their actions by the company)
  • Suspect descriptions (If any?)
  • What items if any were stolen or targeted during the incident? (Helps us to know if a vehicle was used?)