Neighbourhood Patrolling


Crime has decreased significantly in all areas of South Africa where neighbourhood watch patrols have been implemented. As a neighbourhood watch we have managed to reduce crime in our neighbourhoods by almost 70% (as of September 2017) since we first started.  Community involvement and patrolling has proved to be one of the most effective ways to combat crime.  With improved communication it ensures that more members of the community react and relay vital information to help reduce crime opportunities in our area . Our patrols are entirely voluntary and without remuneration and we are constantly looking for more people to help patrol both during the day and night.  Patrolling is not about running around confronting and catching criminals while putting your life in danger we drive around and observe, record and report that’s it. We have ladies who patrol, we have  husband and wife teams, retired pensioners, our oldest patroller is over 75 years of age and our youngest in their early 20’s. To  be effective we need more members to help patrol and to share the work load. Community safety is everyone’s responsibility and all of us need to play a part.


What we do when patrolling

  • First and foremost we are not a Security company or the Police you do not have to confront anyone or vehicle when out patrolling.
  • We act as eyes and ears of the various law enforcement agencies by identifying and reporting suspicious activities to them.
  • Always think of your own safety when patrolling and  try use the buddy system so there is always 2 people per vehicle  if possible when patrolling.
  • You must be able to accurately identify and report suspicious activities, crimes in progress or dangerous conditions to the necessary authorities
  • All this information must be recorded in our patrol log book with dates and times and incidents etc.
  •  When reporting give detailed descriptions like time incident occurred, what direction or address,  race, height, build, hair, facial hair, tattoos or scars etc . Vehicle Info – License plate, make and model, colour
  • Maintain a high visibility, by doing this we send a clear message to criminals that the residents in our area do not tolerate crime and that they are not afraid to report crime or suspicious activities.
  •  Our React Team members  can be called should you require back up at any stage.


If you can patrol or would like to join us on a patrol first to see what it is like then contact us and we can arrange a time. All patrollers need to be police vetted first and then we can issue  you with the necessary equipment like bib and car decals etc.