Member Login

We encourage you to fill in the registration form to join the neighbourhood watch so that you can get your membership login and password details for the members only section.This is important as this section is restricted to the general public and it is where we place the minutes from our meetings and stats affecting our area.

Once you have filled in the Join Us form our admin team will verify your details and you will receive an email from us within 48hrs with a temporary password which you will then be able to change.

If you previously filled in a paper registration form it is still valid. However, you will just not be able to login into the members only section, until you complete the online registration form.


To change your temporary password click on the  Members section, then click on My Profile  you will see a wordpress (W) dashboard with personal options which you can pick and choose and fill in as you please. Continue by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to Account Management,  and new password, click on generate new password once you have done this you can edit the new password that was generated by highlighting it and deleting it, and then just type in your own password instead. Just remember to click update profile to save it.

If you are experiencing  any issues then contact us to let us know and we will assist you.

Administrator Login