CCTV Camera Project

Camera networks have proven to be a very effective way in which neighbourhood watches around the country deal with crime. We consulted with a few neighbourhood watches elsewhere that have been very successful in combating and reducing their crime rate and we have been working to model their achievements in our area.

Creating the right network.

Planning and laying the correct infrastructure at the start is extremely important as this allows us to build and add to it well into the future.  We have started the project with the funds that we raised. We have initiated and are actively adding more cameras to the network. To date, we have almost 30 cameras monitoring access points in the area.    We have seen benefits of these in terms of suspect identification, and modus operandi which have led to arrests of a number of suspected perpetrators as well as to assist members responding to incidents quicker.

However, a camera network like this needs to be monitored 24/7 to be truly effective and this means a sustainable revenue stream to cover the costs of running and maintaining such a system.

Currently, all funds to pay for cameras (and planning future monitoring) are raised from voluntary donations, raffles, and other fundraising efforts by the committee so please continue to support us.